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Our unique design ideas set Imperial Collections apart from other interior companies in Dubai whether it is a modern residential interior or a commercial or retail fit-out. We use our team of professionals’ extensive experience to create elegant, modular, and classy interior designs that make any space feel luxurious. The quality of our interior designing services will never be compromised because we strive to provide you with affordable services.

Our interior designers use state-of-the-art technologies and high-quality construction materials to plan, design, and execute interior designs that meet the needs of our clients. The architectural sector has current trends in luxury interior styles that we can incorporate into the design of your dream home. Our interior design company in Dubai excels at handling every project in Dubai with creativity and novelty, from impressive salon and spa interiors to sophisticated clinic interior fit-outs.

Get Exclusive Interior Design and Decoration Services

We provide professional interior design services for both residential and commercial projects. This includes creative space planning, detailed drawings, 3D rendering, blinds, curtains, carpets, rugs, painting, etc. Our interior design services are comprehensive. We offer a wide range of interior and exterior decoration services at highly competitive prices.

We are proud to present Imperial Collection as the best styling and also the best solution for all of your home and office interior requirements. Customer service is our number one priority, and we strive to provide them with the best possible Interior services.

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Imperial Collection is the solution to all your problems

Imperial Collection Interior Decoration provides the perfect solution for all your interior decoration needs. You can rely on us to provide you with the best home maintenance services throughout the UAE. In our stores, you can find anything you want. The experts at our company can provide you with made-to-measure curtains that can meet all your needs.
You can choose from a wide variety of flooring materials according to your requirements, including carpets, carpet tiles, laminate flooring, wood flooring, vinyl flooring, PVC flooring, epoxy flooring, and more.

If you need any service in Dubai, we can make it happen. Thanks to our extremely qualified and talented teams, we can offer you the best painting services in Dubai. These critical tasks are handled with ease as if we were cutting butter. In addition to painting interiors and exteriors, we offer all kinds of other services.

Our services include fixing curtains as well as providing you with a wide variety of curtains, including blackout curtains, sheer curtains, drapers, single and panel pairs, valances, liner curtains, window scarfs, and more.

In addition to repairing and manufacturing sofas, we can also assist you with those services. A wide range of services is provided by us, including sofa repair, sofa installation, sofa manufacture, upholstery, sofa covers, and more. In the past, we have built up a solid track record that we would like to maintain and increase so that our customers can continue to trust us.

Imperial Collection’s Work Process


Our client’s vision and the experience we want them to have been explored at this point. Our process revolves around exploration. It is essential to know everything about the space before beginning any design process, from architectural details to psychometrics. We are embarking on a creative journey of discovery, desire, and surprise.


Designing experiences is only part of what we do. Enunciating a vision is also part of what we do. Inspire, intrigue, and create a warm environment for every client. We believe that every client has a story. The Imperial Collection is a team of dynamic, experienced, and creative designers whose dedication and quality are consistently evident throughout every phase of the design process.


The process covers the basics from the beginning to the end – we may not be able to detail all the steps here. Our services cover all the basics, but we also want to know what you’re looking for and who you are. Every step is planned meticulously, and we are not done until you say “Marvelous!”.

A High Level of Customer Satisfaction

Our clients are everything to Imperial Collection. Their satisfaction is our top priority. We ensure customer satisfaction by providing quality work, using high-quality materials, as well as completing projects within budget. As a result, we set ourselves apart from other interior design firms in Dubai and the UAE.

The work we do reflects the lifestyle of our customers. Our projects are characterized by luxury, exquisiteness, stunningness, elegance, and brilliance. We won’t settle for anything less than meeting your expectations, whether it’s a full villa interior design or a part of it.

Reasons to Choose Imperial Collection

Creating a good interior design enhances the aesthetics of a space and improves the mood of the person using it. It is therefore crucial that a professional firm of interior design in Dubai be hired. Moreover, Imperial Collection is one of Dubai’s best interior designers that can design not only homes, but also hotels, retail outlets, and offices. Whether you want an old setting remodeled or a new space designed, we offer excellent services at a reasonable price.

You should hire an expert in the field of interior design to maximize your investment of time and money. As well as being a renowned design firm, Imperial Collection is a top fit-out company in Dubai. With our industry expertise, experience, and know-how, our designers will make more informed decisions and avoid any costly mistakes.

If you need help with interior design, we can provide interior design consulting services that will help you avoid making poor purchasing decisions. In addition to accurate construction documentation sets, we will also prepare precise specifications, thereby eliminating the possibility of faulty specifications.

Besides narrowing down quality selections from the vast available options, they can also help with lighting fixtures, furniture, and accessories. The Imperial Collection also specializes in end-to-end turn-key interiors in Dubai. There are a variety of catalogs to choose from, including color schemes, flooring options, and wall textures. This makes us the best interior designing company in Dubai that offers complete design solutions for your space.